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Giving Back to Education

Stanley Orthodontics supports education and the community of Fresno

I am pleased to tell you about the Giving Back to Education program my office has initiated. I am donating $100 to the school program of a student's choice whenever an elementary, middle or high school student begins orthodontic treatment as a new patient. I believe this program will promote a positive community spirit while allowing young people an opportunity to become acquainted with the value of giving back.

I have provided orthodontic treatment to the children and adults of the Central Valley for over 25 years, am passionate about my profession, and am grateful for the relationships I have developed with my patients. While I strongly believe orthodontic treatment can significantly improve the welfare of individuals, I also recognize the importance of education and community involvement for young people. The Giving Back to Education program will not only support education and aid in funding shortfalls that exist in our school systems, but will also engage students in their community by allowing them to actively support a valuable program for which they are passionate.

If you have any questions, please call (559) 435-6465 and ask to speak to either Jamie, Peggy or Courtney.



Clovis Unified School District 

  • Clovis North H.S. - Fine Arts Program, Girls' Soccer, Art
  • Reyburn Intermediate - Agricultural Exploration Program, Science Olympiad, Soccer
  • Copper Hills Elementary - P.T.A., Mr. Papendorf's 6th Grade, Football Team Fund, Destination Imagination, Cross Country Team
  • Fugman Elementary - Library, Mrs. Rapier's 2nd Grade, Baseball Equipment, G.A.T.E., Softball, Tech Lab, Wrestling
  • Bud Rank Elementary - 3rd Grade Teachers:  Mrs. Campbell's and Mr. Nixon's Classrooms
  • Clovis West High School - Baseball Team, Theatre Arts, LMC, Choir, Soccer, Football
  • Alta Sierra Intermediate - Soccer, Basketball, Library, Teen Living, Special Ed Program, Boys' Choir
  • Fort Washington Elementary - Track, Sports Program, LMC
  • Pinedale Elementary - Cheer Team
  • Roger Oraze Elementary - Choir, Football, 2nd Grade: Mrs. Darter, Library
  • Cedarwood Elementary - 4th Grade Teacher Mr. Zalky, Wrestling Team, Science Program
  • Clovis High School - Dance, Auto Shop, Veteran's Support Club
  • Granite Ridge Middle School - Leadership, Library, Baseball, Special Ed, Orchestra, Teen Living/ Mr. William's Class, Band
  • Kastner Middle School - Track, Choir, Girls' Soccer, Baseball
  • Garfield Elementary - Softball Team
  • Freedom Elementary - Music Department, Softball Team
  • Cole Elementary - Music Department, P.E. Equipment
  • Woods Elementary - Sports Program
  • Maple Creek - Kindergarten
  • Red Bank Elementary - Room 13, Mr. Tschappler's Class
  • Clovis Elementary - Library, Mr. Penning's 6th Grade
  • Valley Oak Elementary - Football
  • Jefferson Elementary - Mr. Wulf's Class
  • Clovis East High School - Robotics
  • Reagan Elementary - Cheer Team
  • Buchanan High School - Soccer Team, Choir


Fresno Unified School District 

        High Schools  

  • Hoover High School - Tennis Team, Cross-Age PE
  • Bullard High School - Criminal Law, Aquatics, Cheer, Drama, Special Ed, Soccer Team, Golf, Baseball, Basketball
  • Roosevelt High School - Cheer
  • University High School - General Fund
  • McLane High School - Leadership
  • Design Science High School - Deborah Hennel's Class

        Middle Schools

  • Edison Computech - Art, Boys' Water Polo
  • Tenaya Middle School - Sports, Cheer, Golf, Video Production, Science Program, Geometry, Mrs. Cardinale's Class, Baseball
  • Baird School - A’OK Club, Classroom Projector, AVID, Yearbooks, Science Camp, Hip Hop, Library, Music
  • Kings Canyon Middle School - Sports
  • Ahwahnee Middle School - Science Program

         Elementary Schools

  • Gibson Elementary - Library, Music, Rm. 21
  • Figarden - Mrs. Silver's 4th Grade Class
  • Forkner - 4th Grade, Mrs. Stambaugh's Class, Mr. Lang's Class, 6th Grade, Library, Student Council
  • Malloch - Basketball, Fund Run, Library
  • Manchester Gate - Science Lab, Orchestra, Mrs. Stolpestad's Class, 5th Grade, Art Program, Music Program, Band, Art, Boys' Athletics, Mrs. Ullner's Class, Mrs. Riding's Class
  • Bullard Talent - Band, Concert Choir, P.T.S.A., Orchestra, Music Department, 5th Grade, Mrs. Bishop's Class, Art Program, Mrs. Koontz' 5th Grade
  • Thomas Elementary - Speech Therapy
  • Centennial Elementary - Art
  • Dailey Charter School - Physical Education Department, Art
  • Yokomi Elementary - Mr. Gonzalez' Class, Band
  • Starr Elementary - Library
  • Wilson Elementary - ASP
  • Kratt - After School Program
  • John Muir - Strings Program

Central Unified School District


  • Central East High School - Softball, Cheer, Mr. McFadden -Algebra, Grizzly Band, Basketball
  • Central High School - Cheer 
  • Rio Vista Middle School - Library, Soccer, Senora Zweifel -Spanish Program, Leadership, Mr. Plank's Class, Sports, Swimming, Video Production
  • Liddell - Library, Cheer, Mrs. Papaleo's 2nd Grade: Classroom Supplies, Mr. Gutierrez' 6th Grade Class, Football, 3rd Grade, Sports
  • Harvest Elementary - Library
  • Polk Elementary School - Music, Band
  • Herndon-Barstow - Library, Miss Herrera's 6th Grade
  • Steinbeck Elementary - Laptop Program
  • River Bluff Elementary - Choir, Library
  • Houghton-Kearney Elementary - Swim, Band
  • Saroyan Elementary - Athletic Department, Band


Charter, Private and Parochial Schools


  • St. Helen’s - Sports, P.E. Department
  • O.L.P.H. - Athletics, Science Lab, Family Contribution, Miss Forcey's 8th Grade Class
  • S.J.M. - Boys' Soccer, National Honor Society, Art, Cross Country, Volleyball, Boys' Basketball
  • St. Joachim’s, Madera - 8th Grade, Athletics
  • St. Anthony's - 6th Grade, Basketball, Girls' Volleyball, Library, Drama Department, Music, Athletics Department
  • Maxwell West Academy - Ballet, PE/Arts
  • Immanuel Elementary School
  • Carden School of Fresno - Basketball, Middle School Social
  • MCIA - Art
  • Fresno Christian - Sports, Athletic Department



Sanger, Kerman, Golden Valley, Madera, Selma, Visalia, Sierra, Washington Union, Bass Lake Unified School Districts

  • Sanger High School - General Fund
  • Fairmont School - Fairmont
  • Washington Middle School - Library
  • Quail Lakes Charter- Cheer Team, Music/Band
  • Lincoln Elementary, Madera Unified - Mrs. Bowser’s Class
  • Berenda Elementary, Madera Unified - Library
  • Thomas Jefferson Middle School - Digital Media
  • Oak Creek Intermediate, Bass Lake Unified - General Fund
  • Kerman Middle School - Sports, Library, Girls' Softball
  • Kerman High School -Girls' Soccer
  • Madera Ranchos Middle School, Golden Valley Unified - CJSF
  • Liberty High School, Golden Valley Unified - Band 
  • Sierra View Elementary, Golden Valley Unified - Playground, Volleyball, Library, Drama
  • Jackson Elementary, Selma Unified - Field Trips
  • Foothill Elementary, Sierra Unified - 5th Grade, Special Ed. Program
  • Green Acres, Visalia Unified - Wrestling
  • American Union Elementary - Mr. Gomez

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